Latest uploads not shown up

I’m uploading in legacy but my uploads seems not to show up even after 24 hours. Does not even get reported as “pending”

No error in uploading using script.

Likewise - I am waiting on about 10,000 images from about 24 hours ago (loaded via scripts).

Me to. Script seemed to work fine but nothing anywhere to show my uploads.

My manual uploads have appeared after 30 hours. The smartphone uploads on the other hand are quick.
The annoying thing is that the status page says that everything is OK.
“Pending images : 5574” , says the Feed tab.

995 pending now - so something is underway…just need to find the other 9000! :grinning::grinning:

Anyone had a result yet? I am still missing 1,000’s.AS this is the first time I have used scripts, is the workflow that you use scripts to do the uploads but then return to the manual upload page to publish? I am on the manual upload page and the “finding uploads” has been running for ages and not yet presenting any result - I suspect there is still some problem.

If it’s any help, my uploads have been sorted. I can’t run the script using a Crontab but have to use an active terminal that I keep open. At the end there is an obvious message that I read and if happy I hit ‘y’ to confirm I want the upload to complete which it then does. Normally am hour or so later I can see on my phone app. The status of the upload. Good luck.

@tallguy Thanks for that. That’s the same message I got and assumed that was all that was required to upload and publish. I have a support ticket logged to see what has happened.

Cheers - Phil

Yes I waited for the confirmation question to show up and answered Y.

I saw at the legacy site the number of unpublished images and how many uploads sessions were made. But 48 hours now, still not published.

Those 6 being processed has been there for a month.

I get nothing at the legacy site - just the "finding uploads’ spinning wheels! I have loaded another 2000 or so images but I am reluctant to add any more until I get some response from Mapillary.

Also, does this mean the wait time should be 2.03 hours or something like 6 hours?

The pictures are getting publicised on the map slowly. Plus 48 hours.
And the status page remains nice and dandy.

Yep, just had an email from Mapillary - there has been a ‘back end bottleneck’ issue and they are working on that now. They also suggested as one of the better scripts (which is the one I was using).

Looks like they are back on track but I agree the status page should have reflected some issue much sooner than this.

In the old days a 3 day delay was normal.

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For me, its about trying to understand what the norm should be.

I still have parts of sequences from January that have not turned up on the map, despite repeatedly loading them under different names etc. I also cant tell how sequences are processed (in the order they are loaded or by some other means?). If I load 20 sequences should I see them appear as I loaded them (this doesn’t occur). Is it just that I am overloading the system with uploads of 10K, 20K images or Gb videos.

I would be happy to change my processes, file sizes, upload methods if that helps in reducing bottlenecks. I would also like to better understand the Mapillary status charts that appear in the app.

We are never told when the pipeline of old sequences is handled.
So I don’t know if I have to reload my 5 days old sequences.

I might have made an error uploading.