WTF: can't upload: "sequence locked… converted for upload, no longer viewable"

Select sequence for (previously failed?) upload

The sequence is locked
This sequence has been converted for upload and is no longer viewable, 13.6.1 (17G80), iPhone SE

frustrated, angry with Mapillary software engineering screw-ups (:frowning:

2250 MB (# images unknown; useful feature removed)

Is this ongoing? Have you been able to reinstall the app to fix it?

Regarding the question “is this ongoing?”: I also see the same problem like the original poster (having the same iPhone app version), and my app already accumulated four locked and undeletable sequences (out of 27 sequences which I created in total since installing the new 5.x version).

Hey, is the problem that you miss the ability to view a sequence after it has been converted to an internal format, or are you unable to upload it, or something else that doesn’t work?

Do you have problems uploading them? How big are they?

The size of the four sequences vary between 47MB and 2100MB. I cannot tell if the upload was successful and just removing the sequences from the app did not work. Re-uploading does not help.

Even with version 5.0.2?

The only change with 5.0.2 is that the upload now at least starts. Unfortunately it stops after about 1/5 and shows the dialog:

Upload complete
0 of 4 sequences were successfully uploaded. Nice work!
You can see the status of your upload on your profile page.

Repeating does not improve the situation.

Can you give me some more details?
iOS version?
How many sequences and how big is each sequence?
Do you use VPN?
Is the app in the foreground the whole time?
Is your internet connection really stable or somewhat unstable?

Can you give me some more details?

iPhone SE

iOS version?


How many sequences and how big is each sequence?

  • 2100MB
  • 308MB
  • 47MB
  • 431MB

Do you use VPN?


Is the app in the foreground the whole time?

While uploading, yes.

Is your internet connection really stable or somewhat unstable?

Stable. With the old version I never had this kind of problem.

Joining the team…
Android 8.1
Mapillary app for Android version 5.0.2
See images atached
Notes: No photos to upload according to phone
All presented sequences says 0 photos
Nevertheless in the image one can see that there are 415 images to upload.

Unfortunetely I got the message “Acess denied” when trying to uploag images…

absolutely livid! with just a rare exception, almost al my (short) sequences today were locked before I could even look at them.

I propose class action lawsuit against MapillaryFacebook for wasting our valuable time, locking us out of our recorded data. Mapillary software is evil. (:frowning:

After capture you can look at the sequences, save them to your computer etc. It’s only when you start the upload process that the sequences will be converted to an internal format.

We aim to implement viewing of converted sequences, but I can’t give you a date. You will not be able to edit the converted sequences though, only view and save/export images.

I found the issue. You have a 300s timeout, probably on server side.

The same problem on Android (iOS version no longer works at all for me). Will the sequences be uploaded at last? When? Because there is simply not enough space to keep all the sequences from last month.

We are working on new improved uploaders, will be out shortly.


Just a note here: the variety of “upload errors” seen from the phone uploaders might be rooted in “network errors”, which I’ve seen in great numbers for the past 3 weeks. Possibly a misconfigured server?

This is illustrated in this fixed issue (but the frequent server errors still happen, although there is now a timeout and retry). Uploading a minute’s worth of video frames takes 20 minutes or more. mapillary_tools frequent network errors · Issue #419 · mapillary/mapillary_tools · GitHub

And wow - something cleared up yesterday and entire sequences upload now without network errors!

I am still having the issue with two sequences failing to upload. One is 950 mb and one is 176mb. Other smaller sequences have uploaded. But I keep getting the “upload complete, 0 of 2 sequences uploaded” after around 400-500mb upload. I’m not using a VPN and am using latest Mapillary 5.0.6 on ios14.6. Any help would be appreciated.

I understand the sequences are converted to an “internal format” but why can’t I tell it to upload the smaller one and not the bigger one?