Android: Mapillary 5.6.16 is open testing

Mapillary for Android 5.6.16 is in open testing.

Thanks everyone for participation (How to join?).

In 5.6 we have concentrated on the map. From now on maps will have dynamic styling, and each new map update will propagate faster. Also fixed an annoying crash on maps (happened to some users). The build looks stable.

Any feedback is welcome.

New features:

  • Dynamic map styles.
  • Periodic map styles update.

Addressed issues:

  • Empty preview screen.
  • Crash on sharing images as a guest.
  • Crash on Leaderboard.
  • Crash on opening the map.

Today after the app update. I had a chrash of the app when a phone call came in.

@Lowiekse I will take a look. I think we’ve had this issue somewhere, and I thought it was fixed (probably not :frowning: ). Will check on whether we can reproduce it and will re-open the task anyway. Thanks!

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@Lowiekse probably this will go to the next release (the phone call). Already working on it for a few days.

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What I’m still missing in the app is a manual focus lock mode. I just don’t trust the continuous focus enough to use it. So far I’ve been using Open Camera which gives me 0.3s picture interval with great results, of course with the very slight nuisance of having to process the photos in mapillary_tools (not a big problem at all).

Thanks @Jorgeminator, manual focus wasn’t added to prevent mis-click’s and focus on the wrong object. We will re-evaluate the idea.

BR, Yaro