Android: Mapillary 5.14 open testing

A newer version (2023.07.26-5.14.56) with new design for the Login screens was sent to Open Testing.

Hi there. Our new Open Testing (version 5.14) is out. Thanks everyone for participation (How to join? , Don’t have the app? ).


With this update we are testing a new Design System for Login, Sign up and Onboarding screens. We also added the share button to the images.


  • Added share button on image
  • Onboarding screen
  • Forgot password screen
  • Login screen new design
  • Sign up screen new design

If you have any questions, or suggestions - please report them here.

cc: @Yaro @boris

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Could you also please share a direct link to the (universal or fat) APK for non‑Google customers? Thank you!

We’re checking this.

cc @boris

BR, Yaro

I really do not understand the app any more.
Some versions made only single shots, some only timelapses.
I don’t know how to switch between the two.
The screen turns black after a few seconds.
It asks if it really should stop recording (how silly)
I tried to make a good sequence about one toilet =

The user manual has not changed.

Agree with that

I tried the (latest?) android app this holiday, but could not find any possibility to change the timelapse settings. Is it not possible anymore to specify the amount of Meters or Seconds between the pictures are being made? Crazy…

Thank you for your message @micmin1972 and @filipc.

The end-goal behind our changes is to provide an app which will “do the job” without any need to intervene and change settings (at least for most users). Thus, Mapillary switched to capture images every 3 meters for the speed less than 50km, and each 20 meters for everything above this threshold. Those numbers have decent coverage yet, not excessive ones, as some settings might be just useless for most use-cases.

Also, we’re considering exposing additional settings (some kind of advanced settings) for other more specific use-cases. Still, Mapillary needs to analyze the reasons and usage and only after that it would be possible to create a solution.

Again, thank you for the feedback. This is the best way we can get real hints and reconsider the settings we expose, and the changes we do.

cc @boris

BR, Yaro

So I cannot make turns any more.
I cannot make four overlapping situational pictures of my defibrillator ?

Who is that “genius” that comes up with these ideas ?

Hi @filipc - if I understand your request correctly, you can go to Mapillary settings and enable “allow manual capture” in the “Capture” settings. That will show an additional button for manual capture so you can take as many overlapping images as you’d like. Does that solve this issue for you?

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