Android: Mapillary 6.4 open testing


Hi there. Our new Open Testing (version 6.4) is out. Thanks everyone for participation (How to join? , Don’t have the app? ).

In this release we made some changes to the camera screen. We added some community requested features and more :slight_smile:


  • wide angle camera support
  • manual capture enabled outside of automatic capture - you can take images with the manual capture button without starting a sequence, the images will be grouped to one sequence until you start the automatic sequence or if the time between captured images is more then 10 min
  • toggle ON/OFF Flash on capture in Settings
  • map on the Camera screen is rotating in the user facing direction
  • reduced data consumption of the map on Camera screen (it was noticeable while driving in densely captured areas)
  • display of captured distance
  • UI improvements
  • Bug/Crash fixes

If you have any questions, or suggestions - please report them here.

cc: @Yaro @boris

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Where is the option to turn wide camera on?

@IreuN - If your phone supports wide angle you’ll see it on the camera screen (a toggle between 1x which is regular and something like .6x which is wide angle - exact number depends on your phone camera)

If you don’t see it there, then likely your phone doesn’t have wide angle support.

I’m pretty sure that OnePlus 9 Pro has a wide angle camera, yet no such option in Mapilllary (6.4.33)

Here’s a screenshot of what the control looks like on the Mapillary camera screen. However (as often with Android) - unfortunately some phone manufacturers do things slightly differently and our app may not be able to use proprietary wide angle camera implementations. This might be the case with the OnePlus 9 Pro - if you check OpenCamera, I’m guessing you won’t see wide angle there either, is that correct?

Hi @IreuN ,
to add little more details to this. We are using the Multi-camera API which is provided for Android for this. The API unifies all cameras on the device ensuring the best possible quality of the images. Unfortunately not all manufactures have fully supported the API for all of their existing devices. That is why you can notice that the native camera app(which is supported by the Manufacturer) provides the wide angle while the other non native apps don’t.
More details here.

Thanks for clarifying that! Do You, by any chance, have a list or some examples of the phones that do support this feature?