Pixel 3 crash on image capture 6.2.33

We know about the misbehaviour (worst possible, crash) on Pixel 3 devices, without any easy workaround. We’ve published a new Open Testing version which has to fix the problem. At least for now we don’t have reports of this problem on other devices.

Please let us know if the problem was resolved.

And please accept our sincere apology.

How to join open testing?

BR, Yaro

Also have this issue. Same Mapillary version. Uploader works but that is on a desktop. Several captures did work. Will join the beta program.

Removed sequence that was in state upload paused and cleared storage for app. Neither helped. Waiting for system testing version.

I recorded sequences on March 18th and this version went in on March 16th.

Hi @IraGersh have you managed to install the Open Testing version 6.2.36 from the playstore and has it resolved the crash when taking captures? You can check the version of the app at the bottom of the settings.

I just updated it and that fixed it. Thanks!