Mapillary for Android 6.2.33 is out

Mapillary for Android 6.2.33 is out

Full version name is 2024.03.18-6.02.33.


This release we focussed on improving the app quality and solving issues that users have encountered.



  • Image reporting functionality new category (unlawful content)
  • Migrated to MapLibre as a map’s engine instead of MapBox.
  • Permission requests are shown at the exact moment when you need them.
  • Removed the excessive old design dependencies.
  • Restricted areas are visible on the camera’s map.

Addressed issues:

  • Registration confirmation email opens the app instead of confirming the registration.
  • Crash on deleting last image.
  • Crash on browsing the map.
  • Misplaced start-end date for captures in processing.


Your feedback is much appreciated, please share if you have any ideas or, hopefully not, crashes or misbehaviour.

Best Regards, Josip.

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I have 6 x Google Pixel 3 Phones running android 11 and 12 and 5 out of 6 of them crash when i try to record imagery in my car. What is going on???

Hi @timtimtomtim, unfortunately it seems that there is an issue affecting Pixel 3 devices. We’ve sent a new version of the app, which should fix this issue to playstore. The playstore review unfortunately takes 2-3 days, hopefully the fix will be available on open testing on Monday.

@timtimtomtim the Open Testing has the latest version which expected to fix the problem you have. Could you please verify it works for you?

Just in case I’m attaching “how to join?” steps.

BR, Yaro

I’ve tried the beta version through google play store and captured a few images without uploading them and it didn’t crash.
So it seems to be fixed.

Thanks for the quick response