Android App crash

I am trying to use the Mapillary App. However, I am facing an issue, when I start capturing, it only captures the first image, then the app closes, and a pop-up appears saying that the Mapillary app has stopped. When I return, I find only a single image captured, and I am unable to open, upload, or even view the image or its location on the map.

None of the “first aid” methods described had any effect.
Mapillary app version: 2024.03.22-6.2.37
The issue happens repeatedly every time.
Android version: 13

Thand you in advance for any help.

Hi @Aymen, thank you for reporting.
Could you please tell us what Android device are you using?

Hi @jvujnovic , thank you for you prompt comment,
So i am using an Infinix HOT 40 , Model X6836 with a XOS version : V13.5.0

Hi @Aymen , unfortunately there seems to be a issue with some Infinix and Tecno Android device. They don’t use the standard Java Environment but a minimized version that lacks some features that we need for capturing, that’s why it’s crashing. We’re working on solving the issue.