Android app crashing

I just got the 2.43 version of Mapillary for Android and it crashes on startup every time, even after a phone restart on my Samsung Galaxy S5. The app gets to the point where it displays my history (e.g. X number of blurs approved,etc.) then stops with an “Unfortunately, Mapillary had stopped. Report. OK.” message. I sent a report. Anyone else having problems?

On my S5, yes but not in the same place you are. I can see my feed fine. The only crash I have happens every time I try to go into Settings->Uploading. The other Settings sections seem to be fine.

On my S7, I am able to get into all of the settings sections.

Did you log a case on Github, or just use the Android “report” feature?

Just the Android report. I just got an uplate to 2.44 and it is fine now. Next time I find an issue I’ll go to github.

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Do that, but also post a link to the github here to make other aware.

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It fixed the problem on my S5, too.