Android: Mapillary 6.3 open testing


Hi there. Our new Open Testing (version 6.3) is out. Thanks everyone for participation (How to join? , Don’t have the app? ).

In this release we are introducing a new way to save images when capturing. When you’ll be recording new captures they’ll be automatically saved to the Pictures folder on your device and you can access them from outside the Mapillary application. This feature can be turned on/off by a toggle in Settings.
Additionally we added the option to Save images from not yet uploaded captures when multi-selecting them.

If you have any questions, or suggestions - please report them here.

cc: @Yaro @boris

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Hi there,

Good improvement.

Are the images in this folder automatically deleted after uploading?

BR Louis

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Hi @Lowiekse. The answer is yes, they, images, will be deleted after uploading.

BR. Yaro

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I would like options to add sequences from another folder.

For example, I made a sequence in the OpenCamera application saved in the OCmap folder (any other name).

Or a separate application that would work similar to Uploader from PC, but on android. For me, only the ability to upload photos would suffice…

Mapillary 6.3.12

High data consumption of android app during recording because of map can not be disabled

Often warnings for bad gps even when point is still on the steet in map display.

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