Some capture sequences stored but not shown in Mapillary

I’ve found others errors in Mapillary, some of them solved in last version but I’ve found another one new to me: I’ve captured a few sequences yesterday and while I was preparing to upload I’ve noticed not all sequences were shown in Mapillary, like somehow the first captured sequences were deleted.

I’ve uploaded all last sequences shown but the others are somehow “hidden” and not deleted. I know they are somehow stored in my phone internal memory because if they were deleted I would have between 5 to 7GB! more space free. If the captured sequences were a few photos and captured in low light/poor quality (although still useful to extract some information), I wouldn’t care but they are a lot of photos captured in good light and in an area not yet captured by someone.

I don’t know if it’s related, but I’ve activated in the middle of the trip the option “Force the use of legacy” (older APIs) in “development” preferences because I was suddenly having trouble capturing photos. I’ve also restarted the phone. In that process at some point at the end of the trip the capture screen shows the area filmed in green solid color. Today I see in that screen “ERROR_CAMERA_DEVICE” and captured image area is all white. I could reinstall again the last version of Mapillary but first I want to upload the stored images or I will loose them.

I would like to know what I can do to upload somehow those files to Mapillary servers. I know now we don’t have direct access to stored photos. Any suggestion without rooting my phone? I’ve searched and tried everything suggested in Mapillary forums first but nothing worked.

Mapillary version 5.0.5
Android 7.1.1

Mapillary has screwed us. Time to abandon it.