Mapillary thank you I enjoyed loading 400K pics but

Ive enjoyed loading 400K images. It gave me an excuse ro travel even the smallest road in my area of Scotland. I wanted to use a 360 camera, but there was no loader for Android. So I stuck my Android phone ro me windscreen and soon I was capturing a 1,000 or 2,000 images each trip. When I got home I would press “upload” and over a few hours they would ALL load. Fun

For the last 6 or 7 weeks its all stopped working reliably.My phone say “capture issue … sequencing continuing” or it just stops recording. When I get back upload starts … then stops after loading half the images in a sequence. When I look I find that there are now lots of blank images at the end of a sequence. I end up with bits of a road loaded and lots of bits left on my phone… surely Mapillary can see this difficulty?

I have tried reloading mapillary. My phone hasn’t changed. There are currently 2,000 images are so on it… but I cannot be bothered to cajole these images to load. It takes hours … and that wasn’t what mapillary used to do. If there IS a system problem then I expect the loader to tell me. I’m just posting this message because I am losing confidence that its worth taking any more pictures. Is my phone wrong, is Mapillary in trouble? I just want it to work, I have had a lot of pleasure from Mapillary (Thank you!) but I don’t want to wrestle with it … I just want it to work. … and no I don’t want to email a bug report.


usual the storage of a device does fragment over time and big usage. Try to completly redo the mobile setup, aka “reset to fresh state”.
If you save on a storage MicroSD card, replace it.

I have had similar issues. Recently upload has been a lot better, but I would like to know the location where images are stored so a manual clean out can be performed. I find the concept of resetting the phone abhorrent - I expect more of apps, they should keep their memory tidy.