15000 images and they won't load

Just spent a couple of days driving around Scotland. Now got 15000 pics on my phone but they won’t load. I get “error 0”… annoying. Is there a way out of this? I’ve tried leaving the app and restarting the phone. Last time I had this I reinstalled Mapillary and lost all the pending images…ideas???

I also get error 0. Reinstalled app - did not help. Developers e mail not operational when I tried it. Luckily I saved my pics so nothing lost.

search the folder on the phone for the images, Copy files to pc, Try use web uploader (probably max 1000 per upload)

@Mapper99, what e-mail did you try? help @ mapillary.com works for me when I try to contact them.

I used hello@mapillary.com - it’s the one given in googleplay. I’ll try the one you suggest. Before I try contacting them I’ll try another phone just in case it’s hardware related. Don’t really want to mess around using website up loader when it’s so easy in the app.

Tried another phone but no joy. Sent logs to email you gave

My error 0 has gone today and all working OK. I can only assume thar error 0 is to do with the mapillary server.

Have you tried upload by sequence and if works then upload all?

We had some hick-ups in the system. Now upload should work again. Sorry for the inconvenience.