Lost sequences rescue

Last Saturday, I was recording sequences in a village. Indeed, two times, the smartphone suddenly shut down. First time, I restarted the phone and started again acquisition. The second time, I switched to my second phone. But, now, I’m missing two sequences. Nothing to upload in the app. Indeed, if I’m looking inside phone memory, I can find the two sequences at:

Computer\i10\SD card\Android\data\app.mapillary\files\LEGACY_CAM_0

All pictures are present (with coordinates inside). GPX also exists and is correctly ended. There is also a status.json containing:

So, how do I get my sequences into mapillary website?

make a backup of all of those.
then either try editing that json to say “upload_started:false” (doubt that will work), or do the merging of gpx and photos on a computer.
alternatively, email support@mapillary.com, as this forum is not heavily monitored by the dev team

The first thing I did was the backup to desktop. I will follow your suggestions if no other propositions are made.

Finally, after phone reboot, the two missing sequences were again visible in the Upload part of mapillary application. So I uploaded them and, now, they are available online.

It happens all the time for me: the app stops taking pictures for no apparent reason, and upload stops (often even with a message that everything was uploaded) while there are still images to upload. Sometimes the app says that there is nothing left to upload, but after re-starting the app, images that haven’t been uploaded appear again.