Where is Mapillary's storage?

Question to the devs.
Where in Androids file system are the pictures located?
I am using Ghost Commander in Storage Access Framework mode.

They used to be in
on the SD card, and I see a new dir on internal memory
but it is empty, although two new sequences do show in the upload tab in the Mapillary app.

I want to save some of the photos.

Alternative, please add an import/export function to the app.
Thx for reading.

The developers declare that the photos are now hidden from the user - for our own safety…:sweat_smile::tipping_hand_man:

An interesting fact - with all the closedness of iOS, you can still copy all photos from the Mapillary application without any problems, using, for example, iMazing or similar applications …
But on Android this is now impossible (only if you have ROOT rights)…

Thanks for your response.
Is adding an import/export or copy/paste function to the Mapillary app feasible?

I’d like to be able to do batch edits on my computer, this could enhance my work.

As a side comment: instead of the Mapillary app I have used Open Camera, an opensource app in auto-repeat mode and uploaded the photos by M’s web uploader.
This way I can do with my photo’ s whatever I want, and upload any picture I want.

I wonder, is the web uploader a security threat to the Mapillary project?
It would be easy to troll the system by upping lots of trash masked as valid material.

its not possible to use open camera or other tools and then use the Web Uploader , they removed it :expressionless:

Can understand why this is needed.

Yet, a mere export function would not be a security issue, I wonder?
It would make it possible to save photo’s for use otherwise.

Speaking morally, until I release my work to Mapillary the photo’s are my property. For that reason Mapillary should not interfere with my rights on my own work before I submit it to the project. Another argument is that Mapillary can exist thanks to the collective effort of volunteers, all these security measures are proof of distrust and are not in vein of collaboration.


To add: I value the Mapillary project as an alternative to the power Google, Facebook etc has over the Internet. IMO the power of money the giant hidden advertizing industry represents needs alternatives like Mapillary which are not driven by profit.
This characteristic must be guarded if Mapillary stays out of the God Google system.

Facebook is the owner of Mapillary

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You can use (when it works…) Mapillary Desktop Uploader, release 2,0,3

Shhit. Grr.

Just checked, the English Wikipedia confirms that Mapillary was bought by FB for a not- disclosed amount of money. Humph.

If I can’t access to my pics I will not collaborate anymore with you, Mapillary. I’m a user, not a worker. Pics are MINE (until you upload it to your system).
I want to delete some pics before I got uploaded. I want to review it.
Also I cannot use the sd card storage so I can’t make large amounts of pics.
It’s a shame.


If I understand this correctly, Mapillary is (somehow) hiding the captured files before we upload them. This is unacceptable. I will not be using Mapillary anymore unless they change this.

And that’s a shame, because I have captured my entire city, Elmira NY, and I’d like to do more, but this bullshit has to stop.


Obviously it is not in the interest of Facebook you and I can use Mapillary.

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Because Mapillary is now property of Facebook I ‘requested’ to delete my account, some weeks ago.

Even that did not work as I want it, this posting proves it.

In other words: how to destroy a great initiative? The people who have the money, they know.