Picture File Location on Android

I’m embarrased to post this, but I’m properly stuck on this. It’s been awhile since I did this last and I want to offload my images from an Android 9 smartphone running the latest Mapillary version name 1 code 4. I thought they were stored in the location /Android/data/com.mapillary.app/files but after searching through the phone a bunch of times I can’t find them. Even did wildcard searches and took a screenshot of storage size before then after capturing to see the storage size was decreasing to verify they were being stored.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


Mapi… may be ashamed of it. Especially the sequences are saved in memory inaccessible to the user (unless you have root). Apparently, for privacy reasons, you should send photos to blurred first (according to them :rofl:, and not try to copy files first) …

For me, the sequences are saved in [/data/user/0/com.mapillary …].
Go to Settings → Developer (and here the Save debug logs to file option, shows the location of the files). if you don’t have root, it won’t help you anyway.


Thanks! I must have mis-remembered doing this in the past. It isn’t critical, just wanted to dork around with the images…I thought it was much more common/easier than what it is.

really? So can not make my own copy of captured images ??

So why locked out at every place? Web uploader = no go. Desktop uploader = no go. App = no go


Can you make copies? I checked on 3 phones and I can’t.
Since it cannot be copied. Since the new application cannot see the “old” sequences. It’s probably just about it (my deduction, after talking to one, but what I got from another, they probably don’t know themselves).
Maybe it will go back to the way it was.
I have reported a problem with this from the very release of the new version …

And this is a critical problem in my case, for example :
I have a problem because 3 sequences are blocked (when I tried to send, the application crashed, and the sequence that was to be sent blocked )… I can’t send, I can’t copy. I do not have space in the phone memory (I have 100Gb of free space on the SD card, but the option to save to SD is only for show, in the new version).
I can only delete them …

Nope, when you want to look at the unblurred pictures, that you yourself took, where you needed to be physically present to take it, this is a privacy problem. It is not all a problem when the app uploads those same pictures unblurred to centralized cloud servers, hosted by Facebook, accessible to every three-letter-organization there is, and one misconfiguration away from publicly leaking. Easy, see?
On a more serious take, judging from the general unpolishedness of the app, they were probably on a hurry and just didn’t think very much about it. And, as this is allegedly a cross-platform toolkit, maype most of those devs were iOS users where this kind of user hostility is normalized by the platform.

as far as I know the blurring takes place after the upload. So why not showing my own made unblurred images at an accessible location on my phone

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Picture File Location on Android

The policy of saving photos in memory inaccessible to the user (internal memory) is quite stupid
Today I selected the option save in SD card. That didn’t happen, and in a short time I got the message “less then 10% free memory. Stop taking photos”
I have a 32 Gb SD card almost empty !!!
My standard is 1 photo /1 s no quality reduction.

Yes, I noticed this too. Even in Settings when I select save to SD Card it is saving to internal memory… I wonder if this is a bug with the recent updates.

The updated Android app has a very bad rating currently [2 stars out of 5], mostly due to the storage issues…

Also confusing there is a second app Mapillary in the store called (‘Mapillary discontinued’). When installing the new app the old app is not removed or updated, a bit annoying. Same icon twice on my phone…

I want to check images coordinates before uploading them.
Especially when Mapillary have issues, see here.

Checking images coordinates using the (android) app ? That option was never possible. Often I moved my images from phone to desktop to use webuploader, and correct positions and heading. Not possible anymore