Mapillary for Android 5.2.1 is out!

What’s new on Mapillary for Android 5.2.1?


  • New screen transition animations.
  • Redesigned image preview.
  • Redesigned Login and Registration pages.
  • Improved screens design.


  • Smooth launch of the application start screen.
  • Decreased screens launch time.


  • Fewer permission requests.


  • Increased application stability.
  • Incorporation of latest android components.

Please feel free to share your feedback on this thread and check troubleshooting article if you want to report issues.

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Dear @asturksever ,

After the latest update, it is not possible to set a camera pointing direction during capture. Also it is not possible to enable the “Use device compass” option. Whenever we are trying to do that, we get a popup message saying “This feature is unavailable in the current version”.

See also the attached image!

We use the Android app, version 5.2.1. This issue appears both in a Samsung Galaxy S21 and in a Samsung Galaxy A32.

Sorry if this is not the correct place to report such an issue, if I should raise it on a different platform, please let me know!


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Thank you for your report, George. This is a temporary move to mitigate the issue. We are currently working to fix the problem, and expect to resolve it for the upcoming release.

Best Regards,

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I don’t know why Mapillary bother wasting their time making tiny UI changes to the Android app.
You might as well be honest and admit that the Android app is abandonware. Most of the features on the iOS version will never be available on Android because Mapillary don’t care about the Android app.

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@timtimtomtim Thanks for your feedback. We’re working on better user experience on Mapillary Android app. What features do you expect to see on Android app?

The forum is full of suggestions. If you’re asking, this is my whishlist, highest priority first.


I second enteq’s requests. My top 4 would be:

  • configurable camera settings (exposure time, aperture, …)
  • switching of camera (wide angle, etc.)
  • possibility to rotate pictures in upload preview
  • possibility to manually blur sections of an image in upload preview (simple touch on a face, finger swipe over a number plate or text)

My top two ATM:

  • custom rotate of the app screen - left (default) or right side
  • copy/move pictures from internal memory to SD card/USB storage by the user in the app as a backup or PC workflow (on Android 11 devices internal memory may not accessible to File Managers, even with elevated permissions, without rooting the phone)

When using distance-based capture with Image min delay (1 s for me) and driving fast enough, each 2 pictures, I get a message telling that acquisition is too fast and that picture is skipped. So, indeed, capture is done but not stored. It is supposed to prevent overheating but it doesn’t. And, instead of having a picture each second, I end up with a picture each 1,4 s. Can you reverse your logic? Can you wait the minimum delay (minus acquisition duration) before starting acquisition?

We also end up with irregularly spaced pictures along the track as you can see here:

Dear George,
this feature will be available again in the version 5.2.27 and newer. Currently this version is available in the Open Testing program.

Best Regards,


Less important than the features others have mentioned, but would be nice to have Mapillary Missions on Android. I’m not actually sure why that feature is iOS only, since I would think it’s one that’s less reliant on the specifics of firmware and operating systems.

Thanks for your feedback. Mapillary Missions is currently a beta feature for iOS. If the feature will be used widely, we would like to expand this feature to Android as well.

As for Android in particular, we are in the process of preparing an equal feature. I can’t share all of the details about the timeline, but soon it will be available. On Open Testing first.


This is the latest version of the Mapillary app. Make sure you have this version of the app to continue uploading to Mapillary.
If you have images on the old app that still need uploading, please transfer them to your computer and upload them using our Desktop Uploader.

Mapillary is the street-level imagery platform that scales and automates mapping using collaboration, cameras, and computer vision.

Anyone can capture images of any place, as often as needed, with any camera—including smartphones. Mapillary combines all images into a collaborative street-level view of the world that’s available for anyone to explore and use for improving maps, cities, and mobility. Computer vision technology provides a smooth viewing experience and speeds up mapping through machine-extracted map data.