Problems with the android app

I used the app twice yesterday and have just noticed for the first 1.5 hour drive it only recorded the first 20 minutes even though it was happily showing the shutter blink for the whole drive. I’ve checked the folder and the pictures were never stored. That is slightly annoying.

A bigger issue is that when flicking through the sequences the pictures are not always in order, it can jump between sections of the journey. Normally I know I just need to adjust the start and end to remove images but now I’m faced with having to flick through a whole sequence to see if a rogue image has been hidden in the middle. This makes it completely unusable for me.

I don’t remember having either of these issues when I last used the application about a year ago.

Oneplus 3t running android 9.0.3

I had a similar problem recently: some pictures just were not recorded at all, and some pictures were recorded without a location, and then on upload they are now “stray” images. However, when I later pulled those stray images from the sd card, and used my track recorded by osmand to correlate them, they were perfectly placed, and I could upload them using my PC.

One observation: I had general issues with the phone at that time, some kind of slow reaction and need to kill some apps. Might be due to an overfull SD card, or RAM/caching/swapping issues idk. I noticed the “saved images” counter showing erratic behavior, sometimes not increasing for a long time, then increasing by many increments over a very short time.
I also noticed that the RAM used by the app increased when the counter stopped for so long; and if I killed the app during that time, all the taken but not saved images would be lost.
My expectation would be that the app should if there are problems and then reduce the picture rate, and show warnings.