Shutter Priority?

The following problem:
If it gets too dark, it will dial up the exposure time too much, resulting in motion blur.
Manually setting both exposure time and ISO works in apps like OpenCamera and gives good results especially on newer phones with good low-light performance, but is a real hassle, because it needs to be re-adjusted all the time.
Surprisingly Android does not offer any way to limit exposure time to, e.g. max 1/300s, which is usually enough while walking. This is a basic feature on classical cameras called “Shutter priority”.
The culprit is the camera2 API, and it doesn’t look like it would be solved soon.
Any Ideas?

See also:

I am currently using OpenCamera, because the mapillary camera has been unusable for some time due to multiple problems such as UI defects, the storage issue, defective magnetic compass etc…
However, the mapillary app must also suffer from the exposure problems, as it cannot use any different APIs, so I figured this might be interesting here as well.

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