Was the Exposure setting eliminated in recent Android release?

I recently upgraded to the newest version of the Mapillary app on Android (2.22) and noticed a few changes, notably the Exposure setting on the camera screen was removed.

I usually increased the exposure in my photos because not enough light was present, causing many details (store names, etc) in the background to be too dark for identification.
For example, here’s some photos that I uploaded with the 2.22 Android version http://www.mapillary.com/map/im/bpc37iCZrLvkaEe_58RO_Q/photo

I found the availability of the Exposure adjustment button while taking photos extremely handy.
Are there plans to return the exposure settings on the camera screen?

Is the Exposure setting still available at all in the newest version?

Hi @skorasaurus and thanks for your interest in Mapillary!

Yes, the exposure setting is temprarily removed due to the refactor of camera functionality and adding support for Camera2 API.
If there is interest for exposure controll the setting can be brought back, we just have some more pressing issues to handle before :smile:
If you have an account on GitHub please go to https://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_issues and open an issue explaining what you would like to achieve.

Please also have a look at this issue to see if this feature would be beneficial:

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@rsahlin Does the mapillary support HDR functionality if the smartphone’s camera supports taking HDR photos? I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900P) that has HDR support in it’s camera.

Hi @Caboosey

I am currently not using any of the advanced features of the Camera2 API - we will have to look into HDR support.
Please create an issue for this so that we can prioritize it.

Best regards

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the weather is starting to get good here again which means the sky is brighter and the roads are starting to become darker to the point where you cant see much.

this seems like a fairly pressing issue to me if you consider mapillary is basically made up of images… if they are all too dark to see anything then there doesnt seem to be much point in taking them in the first place.

something simple like having the exposure ignore the top 1/4 or 1/3 of the image might go a long way towards helping with the problem maybe?

I’m fairly new to using Mapillary and I must agree with @dave683 above. I don’t know how they don’t consider exposure adjustment to be a pressing issue.

When I mount the phone on my car windscreen, I have to raise the phone up into the sky to avoid having showing bits of my car (the round circular thing with 3 pointed stars) in the lower part of the frame. When I do that, the image becomes quite dark due to having lots of the sky in the frame, and there’s no way for me to adjust the exposure.

I’m using the latest version of the app v.3.1.28 from Play Store on Nokia 8, with Android 8.1