Android app has lost useful features

This refers to Android version 2024.03.22-6.2.37 on a Samsung S9 with Android 10

The shutter sound option is no longer available I used it routinely on the bicycle, together with the dimmed screen option to monitor the picture taking without having to look at the screen, and saving battery power.

It is no longer possible to impose photo resolution. Low resolution useful if you have limited memory or battery autonomy,

I dearly miss the control over picture frequency. I used time-based picture taking to adjust to the slow speed of the bicycle and also to be able to calculate memory requirements. I note that the app now shoots considerably more rapidly (two shots a second) than my “old” one shot every second or every two seconds.

I am missing the free memory limit setting, especially with the “new” version that takes many more images as my previous bicycle standard of one image every 2 seconds.

I miss the picture format setting options. I am shooting on a camera that has a relatively wide 18.5/9 aspect ratio, but the Mapillary App only produces 3/4 aspect ratio images.


Hi voschix,

Thank you for your feedback and for contributing to Mapillary on your bicycle!

The dim screen option is available in settings under the “Capture” section. It is called “Dim screen while capturing” - do you see it? Thank you also about the shutter sound idea.

We have improved image compression to save almost 50% storage space per image, so previously you would have had to reduce image resolution to save space - the downside of this is of course that it’s hard to see things on lower-resolution images. With better compression now more images can be captured without running out of storage - this is still something we’re looking at optimizing. You can also enable “automatic upload” and turn off “upload over Wi-Fi only” if you have unlimited data. This will allow you to upload automatically as you capture, so you should never run out of space because images will just be captured and uploaded right away.

We are also working on adding wide angle support in an upcoming version of the android app (it is already available on the iOS app). However, I’m not sure if the Samsung s9 actually has a wide angle camera?

In terms of image frequency, it is now set to one image very 3 meters. Mostly this is done because capturing once every 2 seconds may not provide enough density for many users to be able to see details in your capture.

Thank you for all the feedback, we will take it into account for future development!

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