Android: Mapillary 5.3.7 is out

What’s new in 5.3.7 on PlayMarket?


  • New camera layout components.


  • Enhanced the user report cycle.


  • Missing location tag which can fail the whole uploaded sequence.
  • Corrupted camera layout on some Android devices.

Please feel free to share your feedback on this thread.

Best Regards, Yaroslav.

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In 5.3.7 the Power Saving Mode has a bug. Before, it only took a touch anywhere on the screen while recording to turn the brightness back to normal again. Now, nothing happens. The only way to turn the screen back to normal brightness is when you hit the record button. This stops recording and the screen is back on. But it is hard to find the button with no brightness.
Before, you could just turn the screen back on to quickly see how things are going, and then it went off again after some seconds. That was a good feature then.
Phone is Galaxy S10, Android 12


Thank you for reporting the issue. That’s a terrible mistake, we will address this misbehavior in the upcoming release. Have a good day.

Best Regards, Yaro.

No more shutter animation on capture, what ever the option is activated or not. On my two smartphones: Samsung J7@2016(Android 8) and Samsung J6@2019(Android 10).

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Thank you so much. We are working on it already.

Best Regards, Yaro

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When will this problem be solved?

Because of this problem, Mapillary does not take pictures when “Power Saving Mode” is enabled. Yesterday I drove 150 km and only one picture was taken by the app.

@Lowiekse I would assume in 2 weeks approximately (open testing). There are multiple bigger features which are almost done, or in testing. When their stability is confirmed, we release to open testing, and one more week (debatable) to publish to the open public.

It’s not a hard schedule, but an approximate plan.

Best Regards, Yaro


@Lowiekse and @Eric_S both mentioned issues were addressed in 5.2.25 (currently on open testing, so you have to join until we are sure it’s stable enough).

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There is now a new problem. If I receive a phone call while capturing images, the app freezes completely. The phone is connected to Android Auto at that time.

I then have to restart it to be able to capture images again. This is an undesirable situation when driving.

@Lowiekse wow, that’s an interesting catch you’ve got. I will have to look; I can’t understand why that is for now. And you saying that it was never a case before, right?

Well it is something that has been going on since the battery saver mode that is still giving problems.

Thanks, I have tested the current open beta version. Seems that the fixed is working. :wink:

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