Feature suggestion: options to control camera

I use mobile phone to record while riding bicycle. Due to high level of vibrations, high percent of photos end up blurry or not in focus.

If there are options to control camera, like fixing shutter speed and ISO, we could reduce bad photos dramatically.

Also, option to set fixed focus would be helpful.

Well then you need to try the OpenCamera app of course if you have android.

Looking at Mapillary’s actions, maybe in a few years they will introduce something :rofl:

@czecko , you’re quite optimistic. They usually remove functionalities for a better user experience. :upside_down_face:

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Hi @PedjaS! Thanks for bringing the issue up with biking. Do you experience the blurry photos on normal asphalt roads? I think we need to do some experiments with settings and biking.

cc @boris

Well, they added analytics.
The high-ups came up with it and it was added quickly. Of course it is turned on right after installation even in no account mode.
So far I have not received an answer when it was introduced and why it is turned on right away.
But apparently it is more important than such “unimportant” features.

better use a action cam or even a dashcam mounted on your bike, using video, and upload these… Less issues with blurry pictures

I do not see how OpenCamera can help It does not rely on GPS to decide when to make photos. No options to lock exposure duration or ISO… and even if I use it what should I do with hundreds of photos?

I would expect video to be even more blurry as it cannot use short exposures as photos.

Yes, blurry photos show on asphalt roads too. AS soon as clouds show up or I enter thick forest area, camera automatic exposure elongates shutter speed to compensate and that results in blurry photos.

if there is position to limit the longest exposure or the lowest ISO, that could prevent camera to switch to too long exposure.

As this is technical photography, we do not care to get best quality of photos, and it does not matter if some noise shows up due to high ISO as long as photo is not blurry and content is readable.

Yes it is a disadvantage, but this application was not made for mapillary, but for taking pictures.
Well, yes it will take up to 100 pictures in the same place (thanks to the ability to take sequential pictures not by location, but by time) , but you can later delete them, or stop taking pictures yourself (when you stop for example at an intersection or traffic lights).
Something for something is not ideal.

Well, and it is obvious that you have not checked what this application can do (or you have not noticed).
Well, read it if you want Open Camera Help

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Well, I do have several versions of OpenCamera as I was trying to find one that would work on my phone. Although it is obvious they have same flavor they differ a lot in interface and settings options. I found none usable for recording photos for mapping purpose.

Ono of the versions does have option to limit the longest exposure time, very option I was looking for, but for some reason, value range offered in option is to low, and unusable for purpose I need it.

And most importantly - I am not recording for mapping freak. I do occasionally go to ride just for the sake of recording some road, but mostly I go to ride for sake of ride of I am traveling. Then I do recording as additional activity, and I do not want to be bothered by it. I just want to turn on recording and do not care about it any more. And I especially do not want to hustle with recordings afterwards. I just want to upload them.

I fully understand that someone enjoys having one or both eyes on the camera all the time while riding, and wanting to have full control, I am just not one of them.

This is where applications like Mapillary and Mapilio jump in. Just start it, start recording, and forget it until reaching destination and stop recording. and of course upload recording once I am at the wireless connection.

I am not fond of traffic mapping so most of the recordings are not meant to be used by me, but other members of community that like to do that kind of mapping. They appreciate all fresh images they can get so when I have opportunity to make them, I do.

The only thing that bother me is percentage of bad photos recorded. My suggestions here were just pointed to that direction: reducing chances to have bad images recorded.

I understand, and it was just a suggestion.

This is interesting, which exact version was that?
I thought this was not possible with Android, see Shutter Priority?

Anyhow, what ever you use Mapillary application or OpenCamera, timestamp (and geolocation) is not very precise. This is an issue as I’m using RTK GNSS (~1 cm). I’m not sure that one can get precise timestamp of pictures under Android. Even if some timers exist inside Android for accurate timing, this is overall not a real time OS.

Thanks to the “European camera grant project”, I now use a GoPro Max. In addition to 360°, I’m also using it for front capture. Afterward geolocation is much easier.

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