Filming with the phon while biking

Hi all,
How do you fix your phone in bike ridings to film the street?

We don’t. It is not recommended to use a phone on a bike due to vibration. I also tried and came to the same conclusion as previous users.


use an action camera , video mode. Convert into images before upload.


Hi / bon dia @norman,

Just like @micmin1972 recommends, the best solution to shoot from a bicycle or motorbike is using an action camera. Otherwise pics will be very blurry as smartphones or regular cameras are not ready to compensate for shaking and vibration. Action cameras are designed for this. (Although they are more expensive than a smartphone, and the workflow is a bit more complicated indeed than with the Mapillary smartphone app).

I have used GoPro Hero 7 cameras for this. But there are many options. You will find other people’s experiences at the Contributing and equipment subforum, here: Contributing and equipment - Mapillary Community Forum

Have a great day!

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Here I have an example in my neighborhood.
And there is no way to tell it to the man.

By the way, he seems to have seen it and stopped contributing at all.

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Thank to all for the responses!
Yes, I’ll start adding images, first the car, and once tested I’ll think in buy an Action Camera for the trail with MTB.