Unsure how to mount mapillary bicycle/bike mount

Hey, I got the black-greenish mapillary mount and finally access to a bicycle.

Now, I am unsure how to mount it. The instructions don’t really help.

It seems like there is no way for me to capture horizontal pictures with the mount. I could remove the “thing” at the middle of the bar so it would be straight, but even then I don’t think the mount can rotate as needed so it works out.

Any clue, please? :slight_smile:

So I tried moving it around some more, these are the results:

The last one seems okayish to me (my finger usually isn’t on the picture of course), but sadly there still is something of the bike visible. Would this be fine to upload? Thanks!

I have a different type of phone mount, but I was able to fit mine on the “front” of the handlebars. That way it is tricky to get to the screen to start and stop the camera, but the view is not obstructed by brake cables.

But I generally feel that having lots of photos with some obstruction, is better than not having any photos at all! :smile: Having the phone in an awkward position might give lots of camera shake and blurry pictures, and that is worse. Don’t worry about it too much, and figure out over time to see what works best. It took me several trips to figure out the best position.

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Thanks, I’m with you on the “at least we have some images” part. Especially as I’m faster with a bicycle than going everywhere with my feet.

I’m now looking at a backpack phone clip like
https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/23o14EaM or

Just mount it with the phone holder pointing towards the bicycle front:

This way there are no obstructions, all the cables are behind the mount.

However this bicycle mount is crap. I can’t adjust it tight enough. It needs constant adjustment, otherwise the phone will slowly move downwards and points to the road below instead of ahead. On bumpy surfaces such as cobblestone this is even a larger problem and the mount needs adjustment every 10-20 meters.

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Oh wow, of course, I had not thought about that. I didn’t think of rotating my phone (and the entire thing). I’ll try it out, but yeah, the mount really isn’t that good.

You can tighten it using the ring on the socket thingy, so it’s more stable.

How’s the mount been so far?