Bike Mount ideas


Hi everyone I’ve been contributing as ‘daalso’ on Mapillary mainly from my bike but also occasionally as a car passenger or a pedestrian. I think for now the bicycle will be my primary way to capture imagery. I currently use my Google Pixel (first one) and the android version of the app to record imagery.

Has anyone here crafted a setup that allows capture from three different directions: one looking straight ahead and two looking to the sides (one at 0 degrees, 90 degrees and 270 degrees). I understand 360 cameras are also an option but I personally feel my images are more stable if they are mounted on my handlebars. The only 360 options I know of are hoisted from a pole which I can’t hold easily and might shake too much if contained within a backpack. Check out Brian Housel’s Broadway trip to get an idea what I mean. Broadway, New York NY.

I’d be interested to hear from you.


I mount a 360 cam via a pole tied to the rack plus a handlebar mounted front camera (clearer for reading off names from signs).


Thanks for sharing that OSM diary. I was considering the 360 option but it sounds like there is more technical work involved to get started. Those prices for the cameras you shared seem reasonable though. Have you considered the GoPro route? I like those because they seem to handle road conditions well.


Someone used the holes in the handlebars (the ends of the steer).


You can use a 360 camera mounted on a helmet. Make sure the camera has good tilt correction. De LG360 does a pretty good job but my Xiaomi Misphere does not.


I mount a 360 camera on a pole in my backpack. This does not shake too much at all. I have used a LG360 and now an Insta360 one. Considering the price the LG360 photos are not bad at all. Horizon is almost always level, which cannot be said for the Insta360 one. Stitching and resolution of the latter is a bit better though. But since you can find a brand new LG360 for €30-50 I would not hesitate to try it out. Post processing of the LG is easier too since the photos are stitched in real time in the camera.


ive only gone for 1 walk so far with the mi sphere in my backpack but i was surprised that none of them were blurry (as far as i can tell). although it might be a different story on a bike if its a bumpy road and youre moving faster


Instead of mounting my 360 camera on a backpack, I also mount the monopod (or in this case, an ultralong carbon Telesin selfie stick) in the middle of the frame:

The camera is 2m above the ground. Higher is possible but the pole would be sweeping to much and the camera could be damaged by tree branches, bridges etc. The stick is not visible in the footage because the Insta360 stitching software is making it invisible.