Bicycle extension & 360° cameras

I’m thinking of buying a 360° camera and try and use it on the bicycle. With the Hero7 I’m using RAM mount material on both bicycle and car, and it’s been great. There’s a 24 inch extension pole that would make it possible to use it on the roof of the car and on the bicycle handlebar (RAM® 24" PVC Pipe Extension with B Size & C Size Socket Arms). Has anyone tried a similar set-up? Any suggestions or experience worth sharing?

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I’ve not tried that exact type of setup, but have used the GoPro Max on a 36 inch extension from a backpack. 24 inches above handlebars might not give a clear view above your head.

Also, when extending a 360 camera above your head, I’ve found that overhanging trees can create issues. Even if you see a coming low hanging tree on a bicycle, it might not be easy to steer around depending on the type of road you’re on.


I just do use my GoPro Max on my helmet, directly glued a mount to the GoPro to my bicycle helmet.
Good enough to get a good view of the surrounding, not to heavy, not very annoying construction on the bike.
BUT yeah, higher than usual (e.g. careful with low passages, trees), and sure, a bit more weight on the head.


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