Feature request: Provide manual camera settings


Hi all

I noticed that when capturing images on my phone (iPhone) late in the afternoon (when the sun is low in the sky) or when I’m driving under shaded areas (by the trees or buildings) the images I captured turned out to be blurred.

I guess, this is due to the camera changing its exposure setting to a slower shutter speed (to capture more light) resulting in blurry photos.

My request is: will it be possible to provide Auto/Manual exposure switch PLUS an exposure compensation slider on the Mapillary UI, so that I can still capture images with a fixed exposure setting and then adjusting the images accordingly in Lightroom afterwards before uploading them? In other words, I’d like to be able to set a fast shutter speed on the camera (so the images remained sharp) and then bring up the shadows in Lightroom afterwards.

My normal workflow is to copy images to my laptop, make necessary adjustments on the images (rotation, cropping, exposure, etc.) and then uploading them to Mapillary. I very rarely upload straight from the phone anyway.



Good suggestion-- I’m relaying this over to the mobile devs to consider! They actually said they were just talking about this the other day.


On Android you once had an option for exposure compensation, which was really great when the light would cheat the exposure. I have been missing that a lot!


might be misunderstanding your workflow, but if you don’t upload straight from the phone, would there be another interval shooting app with manual settings available?