Feature request: Provide manual camera settings

Hi all

I noticed that when capturing images on my phone (iPhone) late in the afternoon (when the sun is low in the sky) or when I’m driving under shaded areas (by the trees or buildings) the images I captured turned out to be blurred.

I guess, this is due to the camera changing its exposure setting to a slower shutter speed (to capture more light) resulting in blurry photos.

My request is: will it be possible to provide Auto/Manual exposure switch PLUS an exposure compensation slider on the Mapillary UI, so that I can still capture images with a fixed exposure setting and then adjusting the images accordingly in Lightroom afterwards before uploading them? In other words, I’d like to be able to set a fast shutter speed on the camera (so the images remained sharp) and then bring up the shadows in Lightroom afterwards.

My normal workflow is to copy images to my laptop, make necessary adjustments on the images (rotation, cropping, exposure, etc.) and then uploading them to Mapillary. I very rarely upload straight from the phone anyway.



Good suggestion-- I’m relaying this over to the mobile devs to consider! They actually said they were just talking about this the other day.

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On Android you once had an option for exposure compensation, which was really great when the light would cheat the exposure. I have been missing that a lot!

might be misunderstanding your workflow, but if you don’t upload straight from the phone, would there be another interval shooting app with manual settings available?

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Hmm…yes, good idea. It hasn’t occurred to me to capture images that way. So, if there’s an app I could use it might be worth trying. But, the app must allow me to save the images to different places, Otherwise, there are a few annoyances that I can see using that method:
1- Unlike the Mapillary app, all the photos will be saved into the same ‘photo album’ as my regular capture, so sorting then through will get real messy and time consuming, if I need to look at the pictures I took the previous day dinner, for example. I’d have to scroll 1000s of photos before finding the one I’m after.
2- Unlike the Mapillary app, there’s no grouping of photos into separate sequences, so I’d have to remember to shoot some other image (as a way of marking a separation between sequences).
3- On the iPhone, in particular, I’d have to turn off iCloud syncing to stop all those images getting uploaded to the cloud, automatically.

Having said that, if anyone know of any time-lapse image capture app (either for Android or iOS) that might work, please let me know.

Haven’t used time lapse apps for a while, but pretty sure they save photos in the app catalog and not straight to the camera roll. Then you also can disable iCloud backup for that app.
This leaves the “separate sequences” but, which I’m not sure about, but I think there were apps that allowed you to capture to “project folders”

Thanks for your reply. The only timelapse apps I’ve found so far on Google Play Store and iPhone App stores output video files directly, some you can save to the phone whilst other save them to the app’s own website and some add watermarks either directly on the video or at the start/end of the video clips, none of which are what I’m after.

Oh, you’re looking to capture video? Won’t know much about that, and certainly not with manual settings + gps writing to metadata

No, what I said was the timelapse apps I found only output video files instead of individual images, so none of them are suitable for Mapillary.

two apps ive found on android are ‘open camera’ and ‘camera fv-5’. both have timelapse options, exposure settings and also let you choose the storage location but they dont let you adjust the shutter speed as far as i can tell.

at the moment im using an android phone facing forward and a gopro facing sideways, but its a lot of hassle having to get the photos off the gopro and then use the mapillary tools to add the gps location. (thats compared to the workflow with my phone anyway where everything is synced to my laptop using resilio).

so im thinking i might just get a second phone instead of the gopro to take the sideways shots, but that would only work if i could choose a shorter shutter speed, otherwise the photos would be mostly blurry

new (4.9?) version of the app now offers visible exposure control in the full screen viewfinder UI

Do you mean version 3.1.49? The one that’s currently on PlayStore is only 3.1.47. Do you know it’s going to be released?

Sorry I meant the iOS app. Not sure if the Android stream is behind

Thanks. Yes I got the updated app and noticed this new feature. I haven’t tried using it yet but thanks for implementing it. Much appreciated.