Latest iOS app - nearly broken

Heya, just a quick info on the latest iOS app - not sure whether I have a broken copy or this is a more widespread problem.

a) No way to switch to manual mode - took some photos of a memorial, and hitting the auto-button to start-stop while keeping the phone steady so it doesn’t start taking extra photos is… terrible.
b) All images done in the way in a) are placed as individual sequences, making local saving a huge pain to perform.
c) With the automatic mode only, it is also very hard to figure out whether an image was actually taken.

Is this something wrong with my copy, or is the app broken in general currently?

Heya, anybody from Mapillary with an insight on how this could be fixed?
I’m suggesting that some people take storefront and other photos so those things can be mapped, but the current broken interface will leave a really bad first impression.