iOS: Mapillary for iOS 5.7.0 is out

What’s new:

  • Added support for automatic uploading

It seems like no matter if I turn automatic upload on or not, the upload page on my phone will briefly display an “uploading” before disappearing again.

Nothing seems to be uploading though.

Hi! The disappearing “Uploading…” message is per design. Some questions for my debugging:

  1. How long did you wait? It looks like you have a few GB to upload.
  2. Can you explain how/when you enabled the automatic uploading, i.e. was it before capturing or afterwards, were you on wifi at the time etc.
  3. Does restarting the app make a difference?


  1. How long did you wait? It looks like you have a few GB to upload.

I’ve just had my phone on a MagSafe charger all night, with all apps force closed except Mapillary. And mapillary left as the open app.

  1. Can you explain how/when you enabled the automatic uploading, i.e. was it before capturing or afterwards, were you on wifi at the time etc.

I captured all the images while on a walk, then I got back to the summerhouse, and wanted to upload, so I went to do so, there was a message about automatic upload and blocking addresses in 100m radius.

I believe I turned automatic upload on at this time, but then nothing happened.

  1. Does restarting the app make a difference?

It does not.

I should mention that the WiFi in the summerhouse is technically a mobile hotspot with external antennae on the outside, but the phone treats it as any other WiFi.

Oh and lastly, I just noticed. I took a short walk and took a few more pictures, that sequence actually did upload around 2 in the morning.

So it’s only the sequences I took before turning on the automatic upload that are stuck. Unfortunately I’ve no idea if I took them using the last app version, or the newest, because it updated automatically.

There’s a slight change in messaging depending on whether automatic upload is turned on or not:

With automatic upload turned off:

The sequence is locked

This sequence has been converted for upload and is no longer viewable

With automatic upload turned on:

Automatic upload is enabled

This sequence has been queued for upload and is not viewable

My inexpert opinion is that these sequences got stuck in a no man’s land where they were locked but weren’t converted, and thus won’t upload.

Thanks for the info, much appreciated! Some follow up questions:

  1. Have you uploaded on this Wifi connection before? (reasoning: maybe the app thinks it’s not wifi)
  2. If you disable automatic uploading in the settings, can you start upload manually? (reasoning: this will use the old upload code)
  3. When you started the upload when you got back, did you just press upload or did you at some point switch to some other app? (reasoning: when the app is put to the background, we reschedule the uploads and some other things)

I’ve uploaded on this WiFi on April 4th before the update.

I can start the upload manually, but that’s when the uploading notice disappears, and nothing seems to actually upload. Edit, there appears that a sequence has just been uploaded, so I’ll try and put the phone on a charger, app open and upload manually.

I’ve probably used another app before coming back and then I put the phone on charger, opened Mapillary, got the notification of automatic upload, turned it on and left it open on the charger, because I knew it would take a while.

The short sequence I recorded after updating the app to the latest version did as I said, upload at 2 in the morning, when my phone was on a MagSafe charger, it happened automatically, as I was asleep at the time. But it only uploaded the short sequence and none of the ones I recorded on the previous version of the app.

Any updates?

It shouldn’t matter which version you captured the sequences with, i.e. captured with an old version and uploaded with a newer version. The only thing I can think of right now is that the sequence conversion (JPG to VRS) did not complete before you switched to another app. I will have to try if that gives the same behaviour as you are experiencing.

Ah, I didn’t know you could revert to manual upload by reverting the setting, useful.

It took me a while before the beta worked for auto upload. The sequence was <50mb, but had to leave the app in the foreground, then came back to it in the next hour and it was done