Latest iOS app - no confirmation of upload

The most recent iOS app has lost the confirmation prompt before the upload (which is there in older versions).
I got burned by it pretty quickly.
Given the processing delays and blurring concerns, I’ve developed a habit to save useful images locally before uploading them.
Recently I had a bunch of images, but handling the phone, accidentally hit the upload control. Even though I cancelled it a second later, it had already locked the sequence, and I could not save the images locally.
Unfortunately, blur obliterated address detail in multiple images - Mapillary , Mapillary and more.

Would be great to get the upload confirmation back.

Ping @Anders, I guess :wink:

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll forward it to our product manager!

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Hi @Richlv - if you would like to save a local copy of some images before uploading you can disable automatic upload in the settings of the app. This automatic upload feature is meant to streamline the process for users who are simply looking to capture and upload to Mapillary as easily as possible.

Thank you for the reply.
I do not have automatic uploading enabled - the problem is that the upload control used to have a conformation popup before (as it is an irreversible operation), but that is now gone.
Just holding the phone by the corner makes it very easy to accidentally hit that control, easily losing access to unblurred images.

Thanks, another one, closely related - there’s no information whatsoever now on the upload progress.
I cannot see the speed, how much remains etc.
This makes it harder to notice when the phone might have connected to a slow wifi (and connect to another one), or decide to cancel upload to do it later (for example, when in an area with a really bad coverage).
Additionally, progress information overall was very useful to decide whether to leave the phone somewhere attached to a charger uploading etc.

Please let me know whether this feedback is OK here, or a new thread should be started.

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Gotcha, thanks for clarifying. In general I think we’d like to simplify the upload process for most users so they don’t have to keep the app open to upload and don’t have to remember to manually press the upload button after capturing a sequence (kind of like Apple Photos will just backup your photos after you take them).

At the same time I see the desire for more information from power users like yourself. We’ll take your feedback into consideration. As a quick workaround in the meantime, take a look at the usage app which can show you information about your connection and your upload and download speeds.

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Thanks, simplifying usage absolutely makes sense - and I would want that (and automatic uploads) on the other phone I use for more automatic capture… except that’s iPhone6, so it’s not getting these latest improvements anymore :slight_smile:

With the more recent phone I take targeted shots that contain useful information - opening hours, addresses, properly framed objects etc. Not much of a power usage, more like targeted mapping (OSM) usage.

Actually local saving was not required earlier - there have been two changes that make it required now:

  • Blurs cannot be manually removed anymore, thus most of the information is lost after upload.
  • API got nerfed, so I cannot filter for images from a particular user with a particular camera.

The usage app is nice, but it doesn’t show me how much data remains to be uploaded in the Mapillary app, doesn’t allow to view Mapillary and usage at the same time (did Mapillary stop uploading on its own or did I drive in an area with bad coverage), and does not distinguish traffic consumers (is it Mapillary or something else doing the transfer now?).
In-app status/progress seems essential.

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Thanks for explaining your use case @Richlv! Also noted on your feedback about API filtering for a particular user/camera.

Thanks, the loss of API functionality has been raised many, many times by different people - I guess most have given up by now :slight_smile:

Regarding the app, the new behaviour is increasingly bothering.
On top of the previously mentioned issues, sometimes the upload indicator will disappear without uploads being finished, sometimes new images will unexpectedly get uploaded together with the previous upload session - and many more.
A few days ago I accidentally uploaded several images I wanted to save for mapping.

Then, at some point, the upload indicator disappeared along with the upload button, so sequences could not be accessed, but could not be uploaded either.

If the automatic upload is intended to offer a super-simple workflow, not sure what benefits could the over-simplification (sometimes called “dumbing down”) bring.
So far it has made contributing much more frustrating when on the move :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback @Richlv! The current behaviour is an experiment and will most likely get updated soon. In the meantime, you can disable automatic upload in Settings and upload manually like before.

Thank you for looking into this.
Please note that this behaviour is observed without automatic upload.
This is the new manual upload.

Manual upload works like before, it’s just that the progress UI has been removed. So when you tap “upload”, it shows a message at the bottom for a short while that upload has started. After it disappears, upload is still happening until all the sequences have been uploaded, i.e. removed from the list.

Perhaps it resulted in some other changes, or exposed some additional behaviour?
I don’t recall such weird behaviour in the past, at least it was not happening all the time.

Good news everyone, the UI is coming back. Not in the next update that comes out in 1-2 days, which will include the new camera, but probably in the update after that one.

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Oh yay, great news - thank you so much :slight_smile:
BTW, in the current version uploading sometimes shows sequences with unit “MB MB” - not sure whether that’s already fixed or still pending.

Thanks for pointing that out, fixed that now :slight_smile:

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