Ios app feedback - manual/automatic mode

Hey-ho team, thank you for the iOS app updates :slight_smile:

Quick feedback on the camera mode changes in the latest version.
Previously switching from automatic to manual mode or the other way was one tap - but in the new version it’s 3 taps now.

That is very inconvenient when capturing images on foot, especially in urban locations - one would do automatic mode, then switch to manual to capture opening hours of a store or some other detail. Then switch back to automatic mode right away.
One such sequence is now 6 taps instead of 2…

Perhaps the automatic/manual control can be returned as-is, and the other things in “advanced” can be stuffed under then “?” icon?

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Another usecase that is terribly inconvenient now - walk, stop at the red light. Switch to manual mode and take pictures of the crossing 360 degrees, then resume automatic mode.

It’s understandable the app developers look at this from a car-mounted perspective, but these changes make some of the most useful images less likely to be taken.

Still the same in the latest version.