Ios app feedback - manual/automatic mode

Hey-ho team, thank you for the iOS app updates :slight_smile:

Quick feedback on the camera mode changes in the latest version.
Previously switching from automatic to manual mode or the other way was one tap - but in the new version it’s 3 taps now.

That is very inconvenient when capturing images on foot, especially in urban locations - one would do automatic mode, then switch to manual to capture opening hours of a store or some other detail. Then switch back to automatic mode right away.
One such sequence is now 6 taps instead of 2…

Perhaps the automatic/manual control can be returned as-is, and the other things in “advanced” can be stuffed under then “?” icon?

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Another usecase that is terribly inconvenient now - walk, stop at the red light. Switch to manual mode and take pictures of the crossing 360 degrees, then resume automatic mode.

It’s understandable the app developers look at this from a car-mounted perspective, but these changes make some of the most useful images less likely to be taken.

Still the same in the latest version.

Still an issue, and something that slightly bothers me every now and then. Switching to automatic mode when driving is standing out.

it’s a pain, but considering manual capture compass headings have been broken (for me) for at least half a year now, I find myself using it very rarely

Manual mode is extremely useful still when going for better framed shots, or taking photos during lower light conditions.
A 360-degree sequence of a city crossing at night seems like a good idea, but the extra fiddling with the now-hidden toggle reduces the enthusiasm :slight_smile:

are you heading values correct when using manual mode?
I used to always capture in manual since it’s better framing and control, but the heading bug killed it and many good shots

I assume is the best report we have on that?
Commented on it :slight_smile:

yeah, there is also a 10+ email thread with mapillary support, but that didn’t bring me anywhere.
so, I presume you don’t have such issues? May I ask what os/device you use?

To keep things organised, replied in the image orientation thread - will use this one to bug Mapillary about usability :slight_smile:

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Still very cumbersome to switch between manual/automatic - both when walking and when driving.

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Has not gotten any better yet :slight_smile: