iOS: New camera feedback (currently in beta)

The camera has been redesigned and completely rewritten from scratch. It’s about 50% faster to launch, use less resources, and also hopefully more visually appealing and easier to use for new users.

Some features have not been implemented yet, and some new have been added. Some of the removed features will most likely come back at a later point.

This has not been tested by QA yet, so may contain bugs. Localization is also not ready.

The camera is the first part of a complete app redesign and reimplementation in Swift/SwiftUI. Please give it a go and give feedback.

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@4004 has already provided feedback that system rotation lock makes the app think it’s in landscape and thus capture is disabled.

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Tested a bit more.

  1. Ignoring the fact that Android wording is used for low memory warning (references a memory card, which is not available on iOS), the warning appears for me despite having ~10gb free. Seems enough?
  2. I am not sure I like having the close camera cross in the corner of the screen that is least accessible when holding the phone in landscape. Having it in the lower corner, like in the old camera, was easier for me
  3. Really missing the old camera settings… assume it’s only timed capture for now?
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Thanks for testing, and for the feedback! I’ll forward it to our designer and product manager.

Regarding 1, either we set the threshold for the message to trigger too low, or it’s a bug. It should be shown when you have 10% available space. Now in hindsight, if everything is working as intended, maybe 10% is too early, or maybe we should use a fixed size in MB for the trigger.

Regarding 3, only distance based capture is available currently. It captures every 3 meters (previously, the default was 5 meters). What settings specifically are you missing, and why?

Thanks again for the taking the time to test and give feedback, much appreciated!

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Most welcome.

On 3, I miss time-based capture (and the ability to choose in the first place), as well as the setting for distance/time to use. There are a few situations where I’d want to either capture more or less than at 3m intervals.

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Thanks! When do you feel that you need time-based capture, i.e. distance-based capture is not enough?

When capturing not just straight-ahead, or wanting to capture more detail at higher speed.

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