Android Crash - Orphaned Photos

I’ll avoid the long story.
Rebuilt crashed phone which also has a MicroSD card for additional storage. This MicroSD card somehow by default had all the Mapillary images on it. Several hundered in dozens of folders.
After a rebuild, mapillary doesn’t recognise them to upload, it thinks i’ve took no photos.
To prove it’s the correct folder, I’ve took a photo at home and it creates a folder for it in the same place as the pre-crash ones.
I’ve looked at manually uploading each folder but it’s a massive task, one by one and seems like GPX info is in a separate file that issn’t being used anyhow so photos seem all over the place.

Any way to either easily upload them, or reintroduce them to the app?

Check the image files, do they have EXIF information?

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Good point, thanks.