Stuck since August 19 with images from external camera: App crashes

Since August 2019 I am stuck with about 15’000 images from two external cameras (LG 105 360° cam) on two devices (iPad and iPhone). The app crashes every time I try to upload the images in the process of asking “Is this image at the correct position?”. So I’m no longer able to upload ANY image from my external camera :frowning:

  • It happens even with small sequences (20 images).
  • All data needed seems to be available to the app: The sequences are mapped correctly inside the app.
  • Newest iOS, newest app version

I had contact with the support several times but they couldn’t help up to now.

Am I alone with this problem?

in case they can’t come up with a fix, you could try extracting the image files from the app directory with something like imazing

Thanks for this idea! Unfortunately the images are stored without position data in the EXIF fields. But I could extract all images and json files for the mapillary support. Hopefully they can find the problem with this data.

ah that’s a bummer. not sure how much overhead is saved by post-capture exif injection, but it has always irritated me

Hi, I had a look at the files you sent to support. There are some things that I found.

For some reason, the GPX file is missing in some folders. One theory is that some sequences are captured with an old app (before we used GPX files) and that some were captured with the new app (with GPX) files. And when using the new app, it is only looking for GPX files.

I’ll try to import the data to my phone and hopefully I can get a crash then and do a fix.

Thanks for your help!

When did the app start using GPX files? The problem began this summer vacation (Juli 2019) and I am not aware of having updated the app in my holidays.

My theories are a) to much memory use of the app or b) data corruption due to some strange manipulation on my side.

It was back in March. I can see some crash logs from the place you mention (verify location), but it doesn’t look like an out of memory problem. This crash log could also be from someone else as they are anonymous. The line it crashes on doesn’t give me any clues but I’ll investigate.

When specifically does it crash? As soon as the view appears or when you click something?

It crashes some time after the question “Is this picture at the right position?” appears but BEFORE the picture is actually displayed. I do not click anything.

OneDrive is giving me problems lol. I downloaded all files, and the zip was corrupt. Tried again, same thing. So I’m downloading each folder one at a time, so it will take me some days to get all the data.

I can also provide Google Drive or Dropbox or you give me a place where I can deposit my 58 GB, no problem :slight_smile:

It’s fine. Out of curiosity, have you ever deleted the app?

No, out of fear I would loose important data. I wanted to delete the apps on my iPhone and my iPad AFTER uploading all of the remaining images to be able to start from scratch (and get rid of the problems I face at the moment).

There is one thing missing that I don’t have access to, and that’s the database where it looks for GPS positions for external cameras. Unfortunately it’s not a file that’s exposed so you can’t send it to me.

I have managed to get the app to crash with your files if the database is empty. So thought it could be that. Or that the database for some reason is corrupt.

Hmm, but why is the app able to show me the images at the correct position on the map inside the app? I can look at a sequence and the app shows me the correct position of every image on the map. Only if I try to upload the sequence, the app seems to have a problem with the probably corrupted database.

Does it crash if you click “Zeit korrigieren”?

Yes. It shows the usual screen and then crashes.

Time to crash after button pressed depends on the length of the sequence:

  • 461 images: 2min 12 sec
  • 22 images: 7.7 sec

So the crash seems to take place at the end of handling the sequence in some way…

Those two screens use different data, where the latter use the database to get ALL locations, and this is where it breaks for you for some reason. I hope I can come up with something smart.

Hmm, interesting that my “all location database” seems to be corrupt on two different devices. Does this info help find the possible cause for the corruption?

Does it help if I tell you that I am still able to upload images taken directly by the internal camera of my iPhone?

How many photos did you take with each device?

I might be on to something, and it might be an out of memory error after all. I added 50000 locations to the database just to have lots of data available, and now it crashes. Not in the thumbnail view or in the map view, but when I click the “Adjust timing” button. So hopefully I have found the problem, now I just need to fix it.