[bugreport] iOS app crash on iPhone6 w/o internet

After the recent app updates, it has started crashing frequently on iPhone6 (iOS 12.5.7).
That is still my goto device for in-car image capturing.

This seems to most often happen when a few hundred/thousand images have been captured, and there is no internet connectivity. The app crashes on startup.

This might or might not be related to the returned functionality to show captured & non-uploaded images on the map.

Current Mapillary app:

cc: @Anders

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Thanks for reporting @Richlv, I’ll have a look!

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Thank you so much, Anders. Reproduced this one and the other one (during uploading) several times last weekend :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to reproduce a crash when exiting the camera when using iOS 12.x, but it never crashes on startup. I wonder if that is the same thing as you are experiencing.

FYI it is only related to iOS 12.x and not un-uploaded sequences on the map or no internet etc. I will try to roll back the last months work and do an update as this will probably be the last update that supports iOS 12.x. We only have 4 or 5 users on iOS 12.x so it’s unfortunately time to move on and I want to leave it in a working state for those still using 12.x.

I have submitted a fix now, hopefully it will be out today or tomorrow.

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Thank you so much for looking into this. I might be able to test it soon then :slight_smile:
Too bad about iOS 12, although understandable. It’s just my best in-car device, and it sounds like some great improvements might be coming for the app.

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I feel your pain, but it’s becoming harder and harder to justify supporting old iOS versions when there are so few still on 12.x. We are currently working on new features, and going up in iOS version also allows us to use modern mechanisms that increases stability, as well as reducing loading times. Plus some other great news that I cannot share now, but hopefully soon :slight_smile:

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Heya, that’s completely understandable - supporting older platforms does become increasingly difficult.
Thank you so much for looking into these issues.
So far the crash while capturing has not reappeared, although I haven’t collected that much imagery in a single session yet.

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Status update - no crashes on the move so far. One startup crash, but that was when connected to wifi and with a few dozen images only, so might be unrelated.