[bugreport] iOS app crash on iPhone during upload

After the recent app updates, it has started crashing frequently on iPhone6 (iOS 12.5.7).
That is still my goto device for in-car image capturing.

This particular crash happens during the upload phase. When there are a few GB of images, uploading (and keeping the app in the fg) has it crashing every now and then.

Current Mapillary app:

I haven’t been able to reproduce this crash yet, but will try with more data and see if that causes something to break.

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Thanks, I’ll see whether I get a chance to test this with the most recent version, just in case.

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Unfortunately, the crash during upload is still there.
Uploading ~7GB of images, it crashed about halfway.

Have seen these crashes 3-4 times more.

Just the last status update - this is crashing frequently. For ~ 20GB of images, had 7+ crashes until they all were uploaded. Unfortunately, this very often breaks overnight uploads.