iPhone App crashes

I’m having trouble with the iPhone app - After ~100 pictures or more the app crashes.
It’s just to restart it, but it’s annoying and I miss 50-100 meters if I’m driving.

Anyone else who has the same issues?
I’m using iphone 5 with iOS 9.3.2.

Hi @Patrick,
Thanks for reporting. Which version of Mapillary are you using?
You can file issues such as this here and @Anders our iOS developer will help get the app working for you again.

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Sorry to hear you’re having problems! We have a new camera implementation in place which should make the capture much more stable. In short, it means it does less work during capture and more work when you are uploading.

Biggest differences:

  • photo is saved directly without us adding any meta data to it
  • meta data is saved in a separate file instead
  • thumbnails are not generated during capture anymore
  • meta data is added to the photo when it’s uploaded instead

This make things much less error prone and under much less stress. I hope to get the update out any day now.

I just noticed that there is an update. I downloaded it and I’ll report any issues, if I discover any. :smile:

Thanks a lot!

Any work in progress to support the LG 360 cam?