iOS app crashes when uploading images from external camera

Again, I have a problems with uploading images from my external LG360 cam. The app crashes about every second sequence I try to upload. It’s quite annoying and time consuming…

Here are the facts I know up to now:

  • It happens with an iPhone SE and with an iPad Air 2 (so its not a device specific problem)
  • Its not a problem of free space on the devices
  • The app crashes not while telling the app that the position of the picture is correct, but afterwards when I try to upload the pictures.
  • On both devices I deinstalled the app and reinstalled it from scratch. The problem did not go away. So: Yes I use the newest version of the app :wink:
  • After a crash when I restart the app it is unresponsive for 30sec to 5min and the iPhone gets very hot (and uses battery…)
  • Mostly it works on the second try, so it does not seem to be a problem of a specific sequence, but a general upload problem.
  • The crash happens shortly after the screen switched to “uploading”
  • I had the problem with iOS 13.4.x and I still have it with iOS 13.5

I assume that the app requests more working memory than iOS is willing to give and so the app crashes.

Problem still exists with newest app version (4.19.1) on my iPhone SE (728 images in one sequence). App crashes every time I try to upload the sequence.

I mailed support eight days ago. No response up to now.