Stuck since August 19 with images from external camera: App crashes

Oh, that would be great :slight_smile:

Hmm, what number are you interested in?

  • How many images are sitting in one iDevice at the moment waiting to be uploaded?
  • How many images did you ever take with the two external cameras?

As I own two cameras and use the two iDevices to capture it is not easy to tell which camera has taken which number of images.

You could have a look at my already uploaded 360° images. First I only had one camera so the total image count of one camera will be much higher than of the other.

Ok, I managed to get it to not crash now by changing how coordinates are stored in memory for Mapbox. I’ll make a build and send to Apple and it should be out within 24h. I hope this solves your problems!

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THANKS! The problem with crashes will trying to verify is fixed!

I am now able to upload my pictures form the external cameras.

BUT, there is a new problem: The app on both devices sometimes crashes in the upload process. The second attempt to upload the same sequence always works. Another memory problem?

This problem does not have a very high priority for my as the upload is successful the second time I try. But it is still annoying and slows down the upload process…

I tried to make a manual log file, when this happens:

000 = number of pictures in the sequence
P = I pressed “check position”
U = I pressed “Upload pictures”

iPad Air 2

  • 72 P U crash
  • 72 U done.
  • 15 P U done
  • 29 P U crash before showing the screen “adding exif”
  • 29 U done
  • 46 P U done
  • 112 P U crash after showing the screen “adding exif”
  • 112 U done
  • 116 P U crash before showing the screen “adding exif”
  • 116 U done

iPhone SE

  • 85 P U done
  • 12 P U done
  • 173 P U done
  • 10 P U done
  • 136 P U crash before showing the screen “adding exif”
  • 136 U done
  • 163 P U done
  • 24 P U done
  • 72 P U done
  • 346 P crash

I’m working on a bug in the adding exif process where there is a memory leak. It depends on how many photos you are trying to upload and how much RAM you have available. On my test device it only seems to happen if you have several thousand photos. It’s an XR though.

It sounds like it’s something else for you though as you don’t have that many photos.

I hope to have a fix ready today and hopefully it solves the problems you are having.

Hmm, this could explain the remaining problems I have on my iPad Air 2: There I have one sequence with 647 images and one with 573 images and the app crashes every time while adding exif data…

The update is out, please give it a try!

Hmm, now I have only one sequence left with 573 images where the app still crashes while trying to add the EXIF data.

After deleting several images, I was able to upload the remaining 430 images.

I actually got a crash report that was probably from you when trying to “clean” the existing EXIF in an image before adding the new EXIF, so perhaps the images from the external camera has some weird stuff in the EXIF for some reason that the images from the iPhone camera doesn’t have.

Do remember any of the sequences that caused crashes for you? Unfortunately I deleted the sequences that I downloaded, but I can download a sequence or two and use for debugging if you can point me to one.

Sorry, the problematic sequence was from the other device not the one I gave you the data. I have already deleted the app and reinstalled it to be able to begin from scratch without old data hanging around. So if I would run into this problem again, I would give you a call :slight_smile:

Ok! I’ll do a blind fix then just in case :slight_smile:

Anyway, I want to thank you for a) reporting replems b) being patient c) providing data for debugging! Much appreciated!

Thank you for fixing the replems! :slight_smile:

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WOW! The app is super fast in checking the position and adding the exif data after the reinstall!

It seems there was a lot of data/garbage in the app slowing the processes down extremly.

Does the setting “delete local data” the same as reinstalling the whole app? Because then I will delete local data from time to time to have a fast app…