[bugreport] App periodically hangs when there are a lot of images

Having captured a larger number of images, app periodically hangs.
The effect seems to visibly appear somewhere around 7000 images.
App is slow to start up. Sometimes, when stopped and then resuming to move, it won’t take any images for a while, and does not respond to controls.
Sometimes this brief hang happens when displaying and hiding the map during the capture.

Slowness seems to depend on the number of already captured images.

Hey @Richlv, thanks for reporting bugs. Please, could you report bugs to support@mapillary.com? Thanks.

@asturksever, thank you so much for checking on this. Emailing things is a blackhole, no clue what happens to those emails - but will send there a collection of bugreports that are still relevant.

Still happens in the latest version.

I can concur with the app hanging. I’ll send an email as well. Usually happens over 3000 images I’ve found. I usually try to hit the stop button and start again somewhere around 1000-1200 images that way I can upload in chunks.

For me, the number of images in the current sequence does not seem to have a big impact - the total number of the images does.
The brief hang sometimes happens right when I start a new sequence.

Yep me too, I’ve been having this issue for years now whenever I use my phone to take pictures of more than 10000 in total. The performance will start to degrade the more pictures I have until the camera view in the app just won’t show up (black screen) as well as timing out when I try to add exif or upload straight from my phone.

Just a note that in older versions of the app this was fine - I was able to capture 55K images on the same phone without such hangs.

Captured 18+K images.
App now crashes on startup.
Missed out taking pictures for hundreds of kilometres, driving on sunny days :slight_smile:
Cannot even upload those 18K. Occasionally the app would start after a very long time, but then crash again.

Is it doing some overly optimistic things, like loading the whole GPX in memory in some inefficient way? What happened that changed it from “no issues with 55K images” to “unusable above 10K images”?

Could be related to [bugreport] latest ios app crashing .

Not 100% sure this is the reason, but the app is creating files as if it is being paid for the number of those.
Documented the detail in https://forum.mapillary.com/t/files-files-everywhere .

The way to reproduce the issue here might be “take a couple dozen thousand of images, start the upload and wait for EXIF processing to finish”.