I’m not sure whether this thing I discovered is causing issue like or or .
But it is… rather peculiar.

What is it, I hope you are asking in an intrigued voice.

I was using the latest Mapillary app to capture images and upload them. App was getting slow and crashing frequently. Eventually most of the images were uploaded, but 19 remained.
Decided to look at what files are there.

Oh my.

The was showing that there are 19 images remaining to upload.
The “mapillary” directory was using 34.8MB on the phone.
Copied it to the computer, where it was reported as using 36MB.
There were 3 sequences in “mapillary/sequences/”.
There actually were only 16 images (excluding thumbnails).

Yep, 22.5K files.

Files like 2020_06_18_10_58_11_686.done, 2020_06_18_10_58_11_686.processed, 2020_06_18_10_58_11_686.scheduled . 0-byte files.

I don’t know whether the insane number of files is the main reason for the hangs and crashes, but it surely cannot help…

One of the three sequence directories also had a 5 MB sequence.gpx file. While that is a bit large-ish, I’d hope it is not the reason for the app becoming unusable. Unless processing on the phone is somehow terribly inefficient.