Extreme Lag when adding more sequence

I was on a road trip capturing every road I can on my iPhone 7 plus until my sequence hit 5,000-15,000+ is when the app started freezing and crashing, sometimes the app would take a minute to load. Once it hit 15,000+ the app crashes to launch the camera and making me miss a part of a road. Switched to Kartaview and it runs very smoothly with the same amount of sequence i’m collecting, I was able to collect more. Storage wasn’t an issue with my phone with it’s 256 GB internal. Recently, I notice the updates went from 600 to 300 per sequence but it’s still isn’t helping with optimizing the performance of the device when heavy usage. Once I got home I was able to successfully upload my sequence and app was performing optimal. Is it only me? Mapillary team please fix this issue/bug.



apps/mobiles/hardware tends to get messy with to much files and to much space taken.
As the app tries to index the used space, it takes long to start with that much pictures.
Also, while taking that much, the storage gets fragmented and it takes far longer to store one image.
Upload, get storage free, and it will work better.


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I did find a solution to this problem by saving the sequence on files then once I get home, I can upload manually.

Thanks for reporting, I’ll look into it. I wonder if it has to do with plotting the local sequences on the map when you launch the app.

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When I used to use the iOS app, it did lag with my iPhone 8. When I opened the app, and the map was in the location of where I had sequences that I had already captured but had not uploaded yet, and the app was frozen and the sequences had not shown until the app started to respond. So I think that really is the issue.

I’ll disable this feature in the next update. While it’s a handy feature, it’s more important that you guys can actually use the app.

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Did anyone try the update after I removed the local sequences from the maps? Any better now?

There seems to be a significant improvement now than before when loading the app. Thank you.

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Great! Thanks for your feedback.