[bugreport] Some photos in a sequence get packed in the same place


I am using the Mapillary Android app 3.147 with a Xiaomi Mi A1 and Android 9.

The problem is that some of the photos in a given sequence captured with the app, contain the same GPS data even if the photos are taken while moving. The GPX trace, which is present in the same directory of the photos, seems to contain valid data and can be used to correct the issue before uploading the sequence.

You can see the problem in this sequence (which I hopefully will manually edit soon or later): https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/LXXLxzq0XHDCqGsHr5_3oQ

Plus, here is a sequence that I have not uploaded yet shown in JOSM:

above the photos with the wrong GPS data; below, the same photos after using gpsbabel to fix their GPS data using the GPX trace (which is shown as a magenta line).

For any other detail feel free to ask.

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just showing your device has not a good GPS and does not update GPS often enough.


Thanks for your answer!

Indeed, the GPS quality might be the problem, but then why the GPX trace (which comes from the same smartphone and app!) seems to contain valid data? It is a bit strange, isn’t it? :thinking: