Incorrect GPS Coordinates after upload

Please check out my sequences to see my problem described below:
Wrong sequence
Tools: iPhone SE and LG360 camera
I am shooting in Nyíregyháza, but after upload the pictures appear in a straight line, aaand in russia for some reason. I have no Idea how or why this happens, when shooting the gps on the phone shows location and places dots for pictures correctly. When I check the pictures after downloading them to the phone, the location is still correct most of the time. But after upload… You can see on my profile.
Interestingly, this never happened when using with an iphone 6S, which is almost the same hardware as far as I know. Same OS and Mapillary app version.
I have updated the firmware on the camera too, didn’t seem to help.
Please let me know if you have any ideas about this problem.


It’s a known problem and is being worked on. I hope to have a fix out this or next week.