Mapillary and other apps using GPS running simultaneously

Hi, is seomebody experiencing the same issue?
Im using mapillary, but sometimes need to use another application úsing GPS (for example navigation running in background or Locus recording a gpx track) And there’s a problem. Everything looks OK, but as a result I receive correct position only every minute or more… Mapillary shows good GPS status, Locus shows good GPS status, but the recorded track is a “zig zag” only with few points updated very rarely.
Problematic part of this MUST be Mapillary. All other apps runing the same time are working correctly, but with mapillary it’s causing problems and bad positions in mapillary pictures and also in the others apps working bad (for example absolutely misplaced voice navigation commands, or other…)
I found no other dependency. I can run Waze, Gmaps, Sygic, Navigon, Locus, Strava,… all at the same time. But no combination with Mapillary :frowning:

Any ideas? Somebody with the same behaviour? Phone model is Xiaomi Redmi 4X , mapillary is always newest beta version.

I wonder if maybe that is my problem.

I. Know my GPS is right on but I keep. Getting an erroorrr messag and leaving gaps.
I just wonder if this. Could be because I have several things running requiring GPS while I map.

I run Mapillary and WiGLE WiFi at the same time and never had problems.

This may be related to this “feature”:

GPX tracks with repeated identical points

(not yet reported as an issue on GitHub)

GPX tracks produced by the Mpillary Android app contain repeated points with identical time stamps and coordinates (Android 7 on Xperia Z5 compact), This may be a standard
feature of the GPX files created by the Android app (and I only now
discovered this feature), but it makes me think what good it is to read
several times per second the position form the phone’s GPS channel, if I
am only taking a shot every 2 or 3 seconds. This appears to me to be an
unnecessary computing load on the device.

Ah well I am still using version 3.27 which is before GPX was introduced.

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@pavolg Have you been seeing more of this behaviour with recent Mapillary app versions? If yes, can you please turn on “Save debug logs” from the Developer section in Settings, and reproduce the issue, then email us the logs together with a comment about the problem. This might help us figure out what’s going on there.

The problem is still present… Leaving gps navigation app (any of the list: Waze, Gmaps, Sygic, Navigon, Locus,…) alive and start Mapillary will cause GPS misbehaviour - recording positions refreshed only every few minutes and making zig-zag lines on map after upload…
And vice versa. Leaving mapillary app alive will cause the other apps using GPS not receiving proper GPS data.
Killing mapillary process from task manager causes the other apps start to work correctly in a second (correct GPS fix).

Currently to have Mapillary working I need to go to task manager, kill all possible apps using GPS and then start Mapillary.

And edit: I’ll reproduce the problem tomorrow while driving home and send logs

I’ve send logs and some other data via the debug function in mapillary. Please investigate :wink:

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@pavolg we’ve spent some time trying to reproduce the issue but couldn’t. Do you still have this problem with the latest app versions? If yes, would you be able to send some more logs, please?