The app doesn't want to use SD card [Solved]

Wait, what? I just recorded miles of bicycle photos with what turns out to be an old app, and I’m being forced to upload them using the new app which can’t find them.

You are solving a problem that I don’t have, and you are creating a problem I didn’t have.

Stop it.

I captured these images using app 3.179, it won’t let me upload, and the new app 5.0.5 doesn’t find the images. How can I fix this?

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What happened to the dev team when Mapillary was bought, I can only guess.
I do not think they will get a share of the money.

If this would happen to me being a developer, I’d quit the same day.

For some reason, the photos are ultradeep hidden and if your rooted phone will help?
Maybe if you are a good Linux hacker.

Hi Russ. In the old app, you can still access them from your computer, and upload them from the computer using the Desktop Uploader. I know this is not optimal, but it’s a solution at least.


Thanks, but I’m not going to deal with your intentional breakage. I’m done with you. I don’t have to do this, it’s for fun. It’s not fun anymore.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your all valuable feedback on bringing back SD card support in the Mapillary Android app. Mapillary Android app 5.1.0 supports saving images on SD card and transferring Mapillary captured images to the PC. Please let us know if you have further feedback on using SD card for your captures.

Happy Mapping :slight_smile:


Hi @asturksever
Thank you for the update.
Is feature to send images to PC available only for smartphones with SD card?
I dont have SD card, storage settings section contains only “Free storage limit” .
I cannot find photos anywhere. Folder android/data/ is empty.