How to save Mapillary data to SD card instead of the phone memory

I have been beating myself up trying to save my Mapillary data to the SD card.
You won’t be able to do this from within the app. There is a place under settings in the app itself then storage then click here to change then find the SD card…
Well that won’t work, not with the android phones.
I found a smart 6th grader.
Here is what she showed me. You’ll be able to save your Mapillary data to to your SD card.
On the phone go to settings.
Go to Applications or Apps
Application manger is right on top.
Find Mapillary.
Go to storage.
Click Change.
You’ll be given the choice of phone or SD card.
You can change this even with a partially full phone. Your Mapillary data will migrate over to the SD card.
When you start caputuing more fresh data the change will take effect and show in the app setting, storage address.
Feel free to ask questions, of either me or a smart 6th grader.

I have an Android phone and the most up to date version of Mapillary. I am able to open the Mapillary app, go to settings, and change the folder that it saves pics to over to one on my SD card.

@JBTheMilker what you’re doing sounds like moving the enitre application over to the SD card. There’s nothing wrong with that. But that is vevry much an OS level function. It’s not something you’ll find in any app’s settings.

Are you sure you are really changing the storage location?
Mine showed I had changed where the data was stored.
I go to the settings on my phone after capturing several thousand images. If I see only .96 megabytes have been used on the SD card and a significant amount of storage is used on the phone. Then I know the data is being saved still on the phone.
Going to the app manager works for me at long last.
I’ve battled this for almost the whole time I’ve been with Mapillary.

I have two Samsung Galaxy S5 both with 64GB micro SD Cards.

2 days ago I had one home uploading while I was out with the other capturing. The SD card failed while out so I pulled out the SD card and Mapillary used internal memory.

I replaced the SD card with another one and Mapillary started using the SD card again automatically.

I never understood the storage location directories in the settings either. It does not clearly define internal or external memory. You have directories like “storage/[RANDOM]” and “sdcard” but I do not know what the difference between them is.

While I have it set as “/storage/[RANDOM]/Android/data/app.mapillary/files/mapillary” when I access the SD card from a explorer it is “/Android/data/app.mappillary/files/mapillary”

But I could also set it as “sdcard/Android/data/app.mapillary/files/mapillary”. What would Mapillary do if I pulled the SD card out then?

Is “/storage/[RANDOM]/” dynamic internal and external memory use or to switch when there is no SD card?

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Understanding the location address in the settings on the app is way far out there away from my understanding.
I have found out, by talking to my sixth grader friend, how to change from using the phone/camera’s internal memory ( in the case of the s8s, 64 gig) to the SD card. Right now I have 128 gig cards in all my phones. (With the exception of the s6 that has no SD card)
I have proven, at least to myself, that I have changed where Mapillary data is stored.
When I’m storing to the phones internal memory I start recording with 42 gig. (Out of the 64 gig)
When I switch to storing on the SD card I then start recording with 111.8 gig ( With a 128 gig SD card )
The thing that leaves me scratching my head, I can switch where the data is being stored, from phone to card and the address in settings on the app does not change.
On the way home tonight my SD card went from .96 gig used to 6.7 gig used. This proves to me I was storing to the SD card. Yet the address in the app’s settings/ location stayed the same as when I had been storing to the phone’s 64 gig internal memory.
I’m far from answering all the questions.
I am just ever so happy to have found a way to use the SD card for storing Mapillary data.
To celebrate I am going to buy as many 256 gig CD cards as I can afford before I head to Colorado on Monday (a 1,440 mile trip, one way, with 12 days out there to map with extremely limited cell coverage)

Are you sure you are really changing the storage location?

Yes. For example, if I use the phone for sideshots by sticking it in my car window, I’ll go through and grab a copy of any pics that I’d like to save for later.

For example, this photo is cropped from a copy I grabbed out of my mapillary directory on my SD card.

What you, @JBTheMilker, and @Didz are saying isn’t crazy. It makes sense to me how it’s not entirely clear to people. I’m not familiar with what android allows for in updating that UI to help though.

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Also if you go to ‘Settings → Developer → Show detailed stats’ the free space will be shown on screen when you select Camera.

As you can see I have 52.5GB free space (64GB SD card) which also has 13600 images from today’s contribution.
Without the SD card this shows around 3GB (device has 16GB memory).

The text size of the stats is based on your device settings.


Thank You for that Didz. That is useful information.

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Jb, I was able to set the app to save to SD on all 3 of my phones, running Android 4.1 all the way up to 7.0.1, from within the app. You have the weirdest problems.

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I think.
I’m hoping this week to be at the top of the leader board, even with all my faults and problems.

None of this works for me: Mapillary 3.117 only saves images to my S7’s internal memory (Android 7.0.1).

If I go to Settings > Storage and try to change the path I can go up to /storage/emulated/0 but I can neither go higher in the filesystem, nor type another path. And, as far as I can tell, everything under /storage/emulated/0 corresponds to the internal memory.

I did go to the Android Application manager and moved Mapillary to external storage but that made no difference to the location where the pictures are saved either: when I go through the File Manager my (new) pictures clearly appear on the phone’s internal memory.

Finally someone suggested enabling ‘Settings -> Developer -> Show detailed stats’ in Mapillary to see the free space on the capture screen but this does not show the free space either!

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@fgouget Are you still having this problem? I have an S7, and have no issue with Mapillary saving images to my SD card. But then, I had configured it to do that a long time ago, and upgrades to the app would have preserved my earlier setting…

We’re working on a better solution for this. Will keep you posted.

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Please try this APK:

and let me know if it works for you. For KitKat and up the application will now use SDCard private folder to save the images if you enable the setting to use the SDCard from Settings->Storage section.

Warning: If you are using this setting and you uninstall the application before uploading the images, the images will be lost.

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No improvement up to 3.117. With 3.118 setting “Use SDcard” in the storage section works.

The “Picture storage location” setting still does not allow me to pick a location on the sdcard because I can only go up to “/storage/emulated/0” and the sdcard is mounted at “/storage/0000-0000”. But I guess this is not needed anymore.