Cannot access Mapillary photo storage on Android device via USB


As of August 2021, there is no apparent way to access Mapillary photo storage on the Android device (via USB cable).


  • Mapillary Android app version 5.0.5
  • Operating system: Android 10 QPIS30.73-33-9
  • Phone model: Motorola One Fusion+ (XT2067-1)

Please let me know if a solution for this exists (without rooting the phone).

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At the moment, this is not possible.
(On iOS, this is still possible…)

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That so sad… :relieved::hushed:
I need to upload 10K photos (64 sequences) from my old Mapillary (v3.179) version, where upload don’t work.
I wana try to found where locate photo folder in Android…/ …Mapillar_2 (v5.0.2), but cannot found :sob:

10K photos waiting to upload.
I dont want to use PC uploadre etc… these are wery slowly and need tos spend so much time…

I want to movo these 10K photos from old Mapillary to new Mapillar 5.0.2 folder and upload all photos.

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Mapillary decides on our photos for privacy, they say. But as long as the photos are on my device, they are mine and the responsibility for privacy rests with me. However, Mapillary believes it should block downloading from my device to a computer for my own use. As long as Mapillary doesn’t change this, I won’t contribute anymore.


Facebook buying Mapillary just ruins everything! :unamused:


It’s laughable that Facebook, famous (or rather, infamous) for tracking and logging users’ activities online (even when not using their app or service), is suddenly so concerned about privacy!!


I think we are reading this the wrong way around. I think it is to protect Mapillary/Facebooks privacy. Maybe they are storing lots of extra information while we are taking photos, and they don’t want us to find out about it.

Because, as everyone agrees, this can’t have anything to do with our own privacy, or that of the people in our photographs. If it was, the various privacy groups would not allow us access to our own photos in other apps either.


I have the same problem too. Where i am now i cannot upload photos via Wi-Fi and i have the Android smarphone almost full of Mapillary pictures (50 GB).
It’s a mess

It was very useful when i copied the folders on my laptop and I emptied my smartphone in order to be ready for new mapping activities. It seems not possible anymore.


Same here on LAOS 11 Sony phone with 3.174. Come on, I can’t upload and I cant move the photos to my PC for manual upload???

How can I continue to contribute?