Android app can save images to external SD card?

Apologies if this is a known problem/issue.

I’m an iOS user and now thinking of getting an Android phone just for the purpose of using Mapillary. Is it still the case that Mapillary app on Android doesn’t support saving images to SD card and only saves to the phone’s internal memory?


Thanks for the question. If you Android phone an SD Card, then in the App settings you will have an option (must be enabled) to save images to SD Card. Please pay attention that these images wouldn’t be visible in your File Explorer, as they are in the app specific folders on SD Card.

BR, Yaro

Thanks, Yaro for the response.

I managed to find similar posts in the forum and I understand that although the images won’t be visible on the File Explorere app on the device, but if I plug in the SD card into my laptop, I would be able to see them?

Not that it matters much to me, as I simply upload them direct from the app on the phone.


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I never did that, but yes, if you are accessing your SD Card directly, you will have access.

BR, Yaro

Just by connecting your phone to a computer with an USB cable, you will be able to see folders and pictures inside the SD card (although transfer is quite slow due to MTP protocole used).